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Callup brings embedded SIM to IoT devices

Steve Rogerson
July 20, 2017
Mobile device management company Callup has announced a remote management system for embedded SIMs for smartphones and IoT devices.
The eSIM OTA is an enhancement of SIM OTA, the Israeli company’s existing remote management system for removable SIM cards. SIM OTA has been installed by cellular operators in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Israel.
With eSIM OTA, cellular operators can upload their SIM profile and to issue control commands to supporting devices and eSIMs embedded in smartphones and IoT devices. This enables remote life cycle management of the eSIM from its activation by a new user, through upgrades and updates, until the eSIM is cancelled.
“So far, eSIMs have been used mainly in IoT devices, but today smartphone manufacturers are starting to replace the traditional SIM cards in some models of smartphones with eSIMs,” said Alon Roth, Callup’s CEO. “It is expected that in the coming years more and more smartphone models will use eSIMs. The new eSIM OTA system reflects our commitment to innovation, enabling mobile operators to implement up-to-date technologies. In addition to eSIM OTA, we will continue to provide our existing SIM OTA system, to enable mobile operators to manage all the removable SIM cards used by their subscribers.”
All the features of Callup’s IoT Engine are included in eSIM OTA, and can remotely manage the entire life cycle of eSIMs embedded not only in smartphones, but also in devices such as smart meters, home appliances, in-vehicle systems and personal devices.
It supports the GSMA standard for subscription management, and all standard files of the eSIM IP multimedia services identity module (ISIM). In addition, it includes a gui-configurable general OTA script that fits many cellular operators, for the activation and swap of eSIMs. The product’s gui includes functionalities such as eSIM profile editing, card editing, scenario and script editing.
The automatic report subscription system enables the operator’s executives and technical professionals to subscribe to system reports and receive them directly to their email.
Like SIM OTA, eSIM OTA is also based on Callup’s MDM+ platform, used for mobile device management. In addition to secured remote file and applet management, it includes features such as steering of roaming making it possible to determine which mobile operator will be automatically selected by the subscriber's phone during roaming, according to priorities based on agreements between the cellular operators.
Also included are location tracking and welcome SMS – sending an SMS to subscribers on joining a particular mobile operator while roaming.
The system will automatically repeat the update process on eSIMs cards that could not accept the original update due to various reasons, such as devices that were turned off or subscribers who were in roaming.
Founded in 1999, Callup is a subsidiary of the One1 Group, headquartered in Israel and listed on the Tel Aviv stock exchange.