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Free IoT scanner checks for security vulnerabilities

Steve Rogerson
June 9, 2016
Internet security vendor BullGuard has launched a free IoT scanner that reveals connected devices that could be vulnerable to hackers.
The scanner lets anyone quickly scan to see if their smart devices or network are accessible to hackers. If a user's smart device is flagged as being vulnerable, details about the specific security issues are provided.
"The IoT has moved rapidly from an early adopter market into the mainstream, but in doing so has introduced a range of new security concerns for consumers, " said Paul Lipman, CEO of Danish founded but now UK-based BullGuard. "We've made an important first step towards addressing these issues with the IoT scanner, a tool that allows anyone to check if smart devices in their home are secure."
A recent BullGuard survey of more than 6000 UK consumer underlined the scale of the problem and the concerns that many people have about the security of their smart devices. Two thirds of survey respondents said they were highly concerned about the security of connected devices, while 72 per cent did not know how to secure them properly.
The problem is set to accelerate with over 25 per cent of respondents saying they are planning on buying more smart devices in the coming 12 months.
The scanner uses data from, a search engine for internet connected devices, to scan for vulnerable smart devices and presents results in a straightforward way that anyone can understand. This includes security cameras, baby monitors, smart TVs and wearables that may be visible to hackers.
If accessible devices are found, they are flagged along with details of potential vulnerabilities. An email report of scan results can help to diagnose problems further, and users can share notification of successful scans with friends and family to encourage them to protect their own smart devices.
BullGuard has also created a free, downloadable IoT guide for consumers, which contains further information on IoT security along with help and advice on how to ensure connected devices are not visible to hackers.
"The responsibility for ensuring that connected devices are secure is shared between consumers, manufacturers and security vendors, and it's important that each does their part," Lipman said. "We have developed the BullGuard IoT scanner to put consumers in control. It's fast, easy and free, and offers vital peace of mind."
The scanner is a web-based application available on any platform and all major browsers.