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Bsquare and Amazon help onboard connected devices

Steve Rogerson
May 3, 2018
IoT software and services provider Bsquare is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help organisations rapidly on-board and manage millions of connected devices.
The Washington-based company is combining its DataV Manage with AWS IoT device management, allowing enterprises to onboard, organise, monitor and remotely manage connected devices at scale. This collaboration was designed to make it easier for industrial organisations to gain control over vast and highly distributed IoT infrastructure.
Part of the DataV set of apps, DataV Manage is a software-as-a-service application that offers businesses the plug-and-play ability to control and automate device configuration and lifecycle management remotely without custom application development. This allows enterprises to use their data to manage and direct devices, drive operational improvements, and achieve targeted outcomes across any range of assets, automatically and at scale.
Companies from retail to manufacturing to transportation have deployed DataV Manage to impact operational performance across their lines of business. For example, one company is using DataV Manage to distribute content, both software updates and digital marketing assets, to fleets of consumer facing devices. Another is remotely monitoring energy usage data from distributed locations to reduce energy consumption and manage maintenance resources more cost effectively.
"This initiative is the perfect blending of the strength, scale, and security of AWS with the time-to-value advantages of Bsquare DataV Manage," said Bsquare CEO Jerry Chase. "We look forward to working closely with AWS to improve business outcomes for our mutual customers by fully utilising data to manage complex devices, automatically and at scale."
The DataV Manage user interface is designed for the needs of line-of-business managers. Its dashboards consolidate all key information about devices allowing teams to take action on insights. Furthermore, device models and workflows can be created without code to speed time to value in an IoT deployment.