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Blue Yonder and Capgemini launch new M2M platform for business processes

William Payne
April 1, 2015

European predictive analytics firm Blue Yonder and business services provider Capgemini have partnered to create an M2M Connected Services Platform. The new offering is designed to automate information exchange between connected devices, manufacturers and customers.

Linking predictive analytics with CRM systems, end-devices that require services such as maintenance, customer support, and field services can be intelligently linked according to the two companies.

"Connected services will change the relationship between manufacturers and their customers, because all possible channels can be used to create a unique proactive service experience. Using reliable forecasts, the areas of sales, maintenance, and customer service can be considerably optimized as well as adapted to individual customer requirements. Additional uses of this service include connected cars, connected manufacturing and fleet management," says Professor Dr. Michael Capone, Principal Business Analyst at Capgemini.