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Ayla offers IoT consulting package for developers

Steve Rogerson
January 9, 2018
IoT platform-as-a-service provider Ayla Networks has unveiled a set of services aimed at helping manufacturing, retail, telecoms, medical equipment and other companies optimise the business outcomes of their IoT offerings.
“As the IoT market continues to evolve, enterprises increasingly need help in getting to market with truly successful IoT offerings and achieving the greatest value from their IoT investments,” said Mike Merit, vice president of customer success for California-based Ayla Networks. “With our new service offerings, Ayla is leveraging the vast expertise and experience we’ve amassed working with leading manufacturers worldwide. Ayla IoT experts are the best positioned in the industry to help companies define and solve both the technology and business issues that arise in the IoT.”
Ayla is offering a range of workshops, off-the-shelf and bespoke IoT services covering the connected product journey and aimed at enterprises in multiple markets and at all levels of IoT sophistication.
“Ayla’s services help enterprises with everything from figuring out the why of their connected solutions, defining product features and determining an overall IoT data strategy to choosing ecosystem partners, conducting proof of concept (PoC) projects, and launching and testing products and services,” said Merit. “Enterprises can take an a-la-carte approach to Ayla’s service offerings, or they can allow Ayla to manage their entire connected project process, from infrastructure to complete IoT partner management.”
Ayla’s services work with the tools and capabilities that are part of the firm’s IoT platform. Examples of the offerings include:
·       Discovery workshop: Conducted during the early ideation stage of connected product development, this workshop helps users understand and define their business and technical IoT strategies, user experience expectations and the ecosystems needed for embarking on a successful IoT project.
·       Product definition workshop: This workshop helps define consumer-driven IoT products and services, including identifying target consumers, defining key features for a minimum viable product, and crafting strong marketing messages about each connected product.
·       Data and RoI workshop: In this multi-session workshop, Ayla works with enterprises to articulate an IoT data and return on investment (RoI) strategy across functional teams and throughout the lifecycle of a connected product or service.
·       Testing services: Ayla offers customised services for testing mobile apps, firmware and the end-to-end consumer experience, including thorough functional, usability and compatibility testing.
·       Lifecycle management services: After launching a connected product or service, enterprises can work with Ayla experts for on-going management of their IoT services and their data throughout the entire lifecycle.
·       Professional services: The Ayla professional services team offers customised project management, architectural and implementation services such as PoC development, Alexa and Google Home integration, mobile application and firmware development, and analytics and support dashboards. The team can also act as IoT system integrators, managing the entire connected project process.
Ayla Networks is a member of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner network, so all products and data using the Ayla IoT cloud gain the security and availability benefits of the AWS cloud infrastructure.
The company believes this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas marks the IoT’s graduation from rising trend to core business driver for the consumer electronics industry.
“Connectivity has gone from an end goal to the necessary starting point for business transformation,” said David Friedman, CEO and co-founder of Ayla Networks. “From our vantage point at the forefront of the IoT revolution, Ayla is seeing enterprises from across the globe – in businesses ranging from manufacturers of smart home appliances and wearable devices to giant retail outlets and telecommunications service providers – recognising the powerful possibilities of the IoT in their own businesses.”