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Ayla, Develco partner to target smart home, lighting and energy markets

William Payne
March 16, 2017
California based IoT platform provider Ayla Networks is partnering with Danish white-label product developer Develco Products to create integrated IoT enabled products supported by Ayla IoT platform technologies targeting smart home, smart lighting and smart energy management product manufacturers worldwide.

The Ayla IoT platform is supported by Develco Products’ Squik.Link Gateway. This is a modular, all-in-one solution for connecting various smart home devices across disparate wireless protocols.

The Ayla IoT cloud integrates cloud-to-cloud services, including voice control services. It serves manufacturers globally through cloud services in Europe, North America and China. 

The Ayla IoT cloud uses the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure. Connected products utilising Ayla-powered Develco Products IoT gateways will run on AWS and benefit from the cloud infrastructure’s high availability, strong security and global reach.

“By taking advantage of the Ayla IoT platform, Develco Products customers creating connected products can eliminate unnecessary development costs, reduce time to market and achieve even faster returns on their investments,” said Karsten Ries, CEO of Develco Products. “As a result, manufacturers can focus on optimising the features and functionality of their IoT products rather than spending time and money trying to master the complexities of IoT technologies.”

“Develco Products is one of the leading gateway providers in Europe, with unparalleled experience and number of deployed gateways across significant vertical markets,” said David Friedman, CEO and co-founder of Ayla Networks. “Using Ayla-supported Develco Products gateways, manufacturers can leverage the combined Ayla IoT software and Develco Products IoT hardware expertise to launch reliable, secure and scalable connected products much more easily and cost-effectively.”