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AT&T backs Sequans module for 4G LTE network

Steve Rogerson
May 4, 2016
Sequans Communications’ EZLink LTE module, the US60L, has been certified to operate on AT&T’s 4G LTE network, having achieved technical acceptance from AT&T’s Network Ready Lab. At the same time, Verizon has certified the French company’s Calliope LTE Cat 1 chipset to support VoLTE applications.
At the heart of the EZLink module is Sequans’ IoT-optimised, LTE Cat 4-capable chipset, Colibri, along with memory, power management and a complete RF front-end, all in one surface-mount package.
“The new US60L module, now certified on AT&T’s network, is the first in a family of pin-compatible Sequans modules designed for the US LTE market,” said Craig Miller, Sequans VP of marketing. “We’re confident it will be of great value to IoT device designers in several vertical markets as it is ideal for applications in areas including telematics, security and surveillance, to name a few. It provides all-in-one connectivity that comes pre-integrated and pre-certified, significantly reducing time to market for device makers.”
The Network Ready Lab programme ensures that a module receiving AT&T’s technical acceptance meets performance, interoperability and feature requirements, and that it is approved to operate on the 4G LTE network. The US60L module, certified on LTE bands two, four, five and twelve, is based on the Colibri LTE chipset platform that was Adapt verified by AT&T late last year. The module is manufactured by Wistron NeWeb, a long-time partner of Sequans.
“This is a great offer for AT&T and its IoT customers: an affordable, IoT-ready, AT&T-certified, LTE-only module,” said Cameron Coursey, VP of product development for AT&T. “It makes the AT&T network even more accessible to a range of IoT applications, and we’re excited to see innovative companies like Sequans lead the ecosystem in this important direction.”
The module is a member of Sequans’ Streamlite LTE family of LTE for IoT products, providing a cost-effective option for a wide range of M2M modules and devices requiring higher throughput, as well as for consumer tablets, mobile PCs, and home and mobile routers.
Verizon certified the Calliope LTE Cat 1 chipset to support VoLTE applications. Verizon’s IoT strategy is supported by Sequans’ Calliope chipset, which was the first LTE Cat 1 chipset to come to market, the first to be certified by Verizon, and now the first to support VoLTE.
“Our Cat 1 Calliope technology has been very well-received in the IoT market,” said Georges Karam, Sequans CEO. “Calliope enables exciting opportunities for IoT developers as a low-cost platform designed and optimised for low power operation. The addition of VoLTE capability significantly broadens the range of applications Calliope can support.”
Calliope’s VoLTE capabilities are enabled by a fully integrated on-chip IMS stack and media processing engine. The platform supports LTE quality of service for fast call setup and low-latency voice calls. Calliope also supports advanced calling features such as conference calling, call waiting, and call forwarding; and it supports all major voice codecs including AMR-wideband for Verizon’s HD Voice service.
Sequans Communications has raised net proceeds of $7m from the sale of convertible notes to two institutional investors, including a current shareholder that purchased the convertible note issued in April 2015, in a private placement transaction. The company intends to use the proceeds for general corporate purposes.
The convertible notes will mature in April 2019 and will bear interest at a rate of seven per cent per year, paid in kind annually on the anniversary of the issuance of the note.