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AT&T offers resources to explore IoT possibilities

Steve Rogerson
April 12, 2017
AT&T is launching a collection of IoT resources to help make it easier for providers to navigate the possibilities of IoT with their customers.
The tools include "A Channel Executive's Guide to IoT," an IoT readiness assessment and an IoT starter kit.
"IoT is already connecting manufacturing equipment, health monitors, vehicle fleets and much more to the internet," said Sue Galvanek, vice president of AT&T Partner Exchange. "Last year, AT&T Partner Exchange launched our IoT platform, AT&T Control Center, to the channel. We're building on that success by bringing the right blend of products, tools and resources to help solution providers unlock the full potential of IoT."
Providers can build new revenue streams with the IoT by uncovering and addressing customer needs. "A Channel Executive's Guide to IoT" offers them insight into current and emerging trends and guidance on how to prepare their own IoT strategy. It outlines IoT building blocks, success stories and resources available to help them succeed.
AT&T collaborated with Infusion Partners to create the IoT readiness assessment to help companies understand where to begin when developing an IoT offering. The survey evaluates a provider’s market focus, investment level, offer strategy and business plan to assess IoT readiness and identify potential areas for IoT growth.
"Understanding how your company can maximise the potential of IoT is a major hurdle," said Brad Sander, president of Infusion Partners. "The IoT readiness assessment helps solution providers discover opportunities to empower growth and innovation through IoT."
The starter kit is available to AT&T Partner Exchange providers and offers them hands-on experience to prototype their own IoT product rapidly. The all-in-one kit comes ready with the tools and services to trial new offers to meet customer needs.
All of these resources are available on a new IoT web site where AT&T Partner Exchange providers can explore their IoT journey. When they're ready to take action, programme members can dive deeper into these resources on the new AT&T Partner Exchange centre. There they'll find IoT use cases, sales tools and technical resources to help them harness the power of the IoT.
"IoT will continue to impact the way we live and work," said Robert Senatore, president and chief operating officer at Data2Go Wireless. “Connected devices produce rich data that help companies better respond and understand their customers' needs. Those who want to seize these opportunities need the right tools. AT&T Partner Exchange is helping us do just that."