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AT&T introduces starter kits for AWS IoT

William Payne
January 12, 2017
AT&T is launching a starter kit for the AWS IoT service. The company is also working with PubNub to provide LTE communications to IoT devices.

The AWS IoT starter kit has been developed together with Avnet. The kit is designed to let developers build their own solutions using AT&T IoT and AWS IoT. It also allows a developer to use AT&T's secure network and application level security.

The kit includes: LTE Cat-1 modem; SIM with 300 MB of prepaid data good for 6 months in the US & Mexico; two antennas; two USB cables and a USB plug; NXP K64F development board; a microSD card for storing security credentials and configuration.

AT&T is also launching a new AT&T LTE IoT Add-on Kit, which includes all the cellular components of the original AT&T IoT Starter Kit, but eliminates the host controller board. This is aimed at developers working with Raspberry Pi or similar devices – connecting over USB. The new kit is priced at $59, down from the original AT&T IoT Starter Kit priced at $99.

The company is also now providing native support within AT&T Flow Designer for PubNub's Data Stream Network (DSN) and API, which provides low latency and secure 2-way messaging.

PubNub BLOCKS makes the DSN programmable, allowing developers to run application logic on data as it passes across the network, enabling capabilities while removing the need to deploy and scale app servers.