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Astrata helps Globe expand M2M services in Philippines

Steve Rogerson
June 16, 2016
Enterprise clients of Philippines telecommunications company Globe Telecom are set to benefit from M2M services that are said to be faster, more efficient and quicker to deploy. This is the promise of ta three-year agreement between Globe and Astrata, a Singapore-based organisation that designs and develops location-based IT services.
Initially, Globe and Astrata will work hand-in-hand in improving the existing Globe fleet management system, which allows companies to keep track of their moving assets via GPS. Through this, clients are able to monitor the location, distance travelled and delivery times of their vehicles. It also as protection from theft and pilferage and monitors driving behaviour.
“M2M is all about taking control over assets, as it enables remote surveillance but its greatest benefit is providing the competitive advantage to companies in terms of business analytics, spanning standard access and reporting to analytics which allow statistical analysis, forecasting and extrapolation, predictive modelling, and optimisation,” said Mike Frausing, Globe senior advisor. “We are happy to have Astrata as our partner in growing the M2M business in the Philippines.”
Both Globe and Astrata aim to develop more M2M services to support fixed asset management, security services and other platforms. At the same time, Astrata will provide support through supply of devices and sensors, on-site service installation and after sales management for clients.
“We’re delighted in this vote of confidence from Globe,” said George Kappaz, chief executive officer of Astrata. “They’ve chosen to enhance the value they deliver to their clients by relying on Astrata’s expertise. It’s gratifying to see that the depth and scope of our solutions have enabled us to forge a deeper and an even more rewarding relationship that benefits both Astrata and Globe as we both continue to grow.”
M2M technology functions by connecting communications hardware to a physical asset, anything from a delivery truck, service vehicle, motorcycle, boat, production machine, ATM terminal, freezer, elevator, data centre, vault and so on. Information about its present status and performance can be transmitted to a central management system and used to automate a business process or a consumer action. Data are extracted straight from a machine with limited or no human intervention. These elements benefit industries through faster operations, more accurate data gathering and improved efficiency in terms of manpower, time and costs.