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Arrow roars with Tiger board for low-power connected devices

Steve Rogerson
May 3, 2018

Arrow Electronics has extended its SmartEverything family with the Tiger board, featuring the NXP Semiconductors Kinetis KW41Z multi-protocol wireless MCU for low-power connected devices.
Ready to kick-start development, the Tiger board provides a platform for products such as smart door locks, portable healthcare technology, wearable sports monitors, RF remote controls, wireless computer keyboards and mice, gaming controllers, security access-control systems, smart energy products, and networking equipment.
Arduino connectors give users flexibility to add extra value-added features to their designs, and the Kinetis KW41Z’s integrated security features, which include a hardware AES-256 cryptographic accelerator and a true random number generator, help keep data and assets safe.
Using the Arm Cortex-M0+ core, the Kinetis KW41Z wireless MCU contains both a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) v4.2 radio and an IEEE 802.15.4 radio, and can run multiple wireless protocols concurrently. Added to this, the Tiger board also has built-in wifi to extend the connectivity options available to users.
It can support a smart end-node application bridging wifi to Thread or BLE; it can be used in equipment to be controlled locally by a smartphone, such as in-home smart lighting, or remotely as part of a cloud-connected network; or it can function as a small gateway. In addition, BLE can be used for commissioning of products to an IEEE 802.15.4 mesh network.
With -95dBm typical BLE sensitivity and -100dBm typical generic FSK (at 250kbit/s) sensitivity, both radios enjoy a strong RF link budget to increase communication range and immunity to interference. By integrating a buck-boost DC-DC converter capable of operating from 0.9 to 4.2V, the KW41Z MCU also ensures low peak current in receive and transmit modes to help extend battery life.