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Arrow and Cypress announce IoT connectivity ecosystem

Steve Rogerson
November 29, 2017

Arrow Electronics has announced the Titanium board, a technology ecosystem designed to help developers create products using wifi, Bluetooth Low Energy, cellular and LPWAN technologies, while taking advantage of Cypress Semiconductor’s low-power edge computing capabilities.
The board is designed to the Linaro 96Boards IoT edition specification, and features Cypress’ PSoC 6 microcontroller with dual-core processing and BLE 5.0. With power provided by the Cypress EZ-PD CCG3 USB-C controller, Titanium also provides developers with sensing capabilities from Bosch Sensortec’s BME680 integrated environmental sensor for measurement of gas, humidity, temperature and pressure.
The platform is Arm MBed-compatible, and has a 40-pin expansion connector compatible with other 96board platforms.
“The Titanium 96board gives IoT designers a fast and easy way to harness the leading low-power and flexibility of our PSoC 6 BLE solution,” said Jack Ogawa, senior marketing director of the MCU business unit at Silicon Valley based Cypress. “The Titanium ecosystem adds even more flexibility with a host of expansion cards, helping designers find the optimal mix of technologies.”
Developers can take advantage of the expansion capability of the board to evaluate multiple connectivity and technology options, including the upcoming Cypress Wiced mezzanine card that is in development.
Arrow and Cypress will make future announcements on products within this technology ecosystem.
The PSoC 6 is a low-power, flexible MCU with built-in Bluetooth LE wireless connectivity and integrated hardware-based security in one device. The dual-core Arm Cortex-M4 and M0+ MCU architecture lets designers optimise for power and performance simultaneously.
The PSoC 6 MCU architecture’s software-defined peripherals let engineers create products such as wearables, industrial IoT equipment, smart home appliances, IoT gateways, portable medical devices and audio processing products.
“PSoC 6 is purpose-built for the IoT,” said Aiden Mitchell, vice-president of global IoT at Colorado-based Arrow. “By combining the low-power of PSoC 6 with Cypress’ Wiced portfolio of wifi and Bluetooth products, Cypress has created a powerful offering for customers seeking to reduce complexity and time-to-market. The Titanium ecosystem is their starting point.”