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ARM stretches to invest in Chinese IoT start-ups

Steve Rogerson
February 16, 2017
UK technology company ARM has teamed up with Chinese investment management company Hopu to support emerging technology companies and start-ups in China in areas such as the IoT, autonomous vehicles, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence.
The two bodies have launched the Hopu-ARM Innovation Fund to deepen ARM’s roots in the region as the company continues to build an open innovation ecosystem that covers almost all aspects of the Chinese electronics information industry.
The fund includes investments from a leading Chinese sovereign wealth fund and international and domestic Chinese investment institutions and companies.
In the past decade, the number of ARM-based chips shipped by Chinese partners has risen 114 times and ARM now has more than 200 local partners in China. The fund is a key part of the firm’s commitment in China, enabling continued investment to support technology-based innovation with a particular focus on AI and the IoT.
“IoT and AI are core technologies in the next wave of computing and China is helping to drive the rate of innovation in these fields,” said Allen Wu, executive vice president for ARM in China. “ARM China’s long-term vision is to work closely with local industry to build an innovative open ecosystem offering core technologies with global capability. By opening up this ecosystem, along with financial services from the Hopu-ARM Innovation Fund, we will enable local companies to make rapid advances in the next wave of smart devices, big data and AI to help propel the evolution of China’s information technology industry.”
Combining the expertise and insight of the finance and technology sectors, this fund aims to help the most promising technology companies accelerate their time-to-market and enhance their global product competitiveness.
“ARM-based chips are shipped by ARM partners into billions of connected products, enabling consumers and businesses around the world to deliver industry-leading solutions,” said Sunny Li, chief investment officer of the Hopu-ARM Innovation Fund. “The fund will utilise the strength of the ARM ecosystem and its core technology as well as Hopu’s rich experience and expertise in investments, enabling local companies to pursue scientific and technological innovation and embrace the next wave of the technology revolution.”
ARM technology is enabling the intelligence in 90 billion silicon chips and securely powering products from smartphones to supercomputers, medical devices to agricultural sensors and base stations to servers. It has more than 1000 technology partners.