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Apple buys VocalIQ and Perceptio to bring artificial intelligence to IoT

Steve Rogerson
October 8, 2015
Apple has acquired UK artificial intelligence (AI) company VocalIQ and AI start-up Perceptio, both of which are being predicted as a move to extend Siri and other voice inputs to IoT applications via its smartphones.
Apple is keeping quiet on both deals, with little more than an acknowledgement that they have taken place.
VocalIQ has developed AI-based personal assistants with a conversational voice dialogue front end for products such as satellite navigation systems. But it can also be used for home automation and smart TV systems, as well as a control interface for IoT applications.
Speculation is that Apple plans to use it for home automation and wearable products as well as the interface for its automotive project.
VocalIQ is based in Cambridge, England, and is expected to stay there rather than relocate to Apple’s California headquarters.
Perceptio technology is more smartphone focused and is aimed at running AI systems on the phone without sharing as much data in the cloud. The company was founded by Nicolas Pinto and Zak Stone, both of whom will join Apple, according to reports.