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IoT applications from boats and peaches to snow

Steve Rogerson
October 5, 2017

For examples of the breadth of applications that are already taking advantage of the IoT, one needed to look no further than the Analog Devices stand at this week’s IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona.
And one of those being demonstrated gave new meaning to smart parking, as this was for boats, not cars.
“We have set up a smart parking application at a marina in southern France,” said Thomas Watteyne, senior network design engineer for Analog Devices. “This is an example of us using low-power IoT devices in a multi-hop mesh network.”
At the marina, the operators want to direct incoming boats to the best berth. Sensors monitor the occupancy of the berths as well as the electricity and other services being used by docked boats.
On the agricultural front is the Save the Peaches campaign in Argentina where the cold in spring can cause the buds to freeze and drop off the trees, so no peaches are produced.
“There are now boxes in the trees measuring temperature and humidity in the air and soil,” said Watteyne. “They use a mesh network and machine learning to predict when there will be a frost. Once they know, they can deploy heaters.”
The other application being promoted was the installation of more then 1000 nodes in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California.
“Two-thirds of the water used in California comes from snow melts in these mountains,” said Watteyne, “but until now the hydrologists had very little data to work with. This gives them a reading from every sensor every fifteen minutes. It can help hydro-electric plants predict the water flow.”