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Alphabet Nest launches home security system

William Payne
September 21, 2017

Google affiliate Nest has introduced a range of smart home security devices in a major boost to its home based offerings. It has also added its intelligent personal assistant, Google Assistant, to its indoor camera. The Nest Cam IQ already features machine learning capabilities. Adding Google Assistant to Cam IQ will boost its capabilities into a home hub, while bringing the Alphabet subsidiary into broader competition with Amazon's Alexa range of home products.

The new home security devices include a smart doorbell, a home security system, a passcode device, and a home motion detector system.

Called 'Hello', the smart doorbell includes a camera and facial recognition to identify visitors. It is set to ship next year.

The home security system is called 'Secure', and combines motion detectors and cameras. It is complemented by a passcode input device called 'Nest Guard'. A fob called the 'Tag' will unlock Guard, allowing access to the home security system.

Nest's Cam IQ, which was announced earlier this year, will receive a free upgrade later this year to add Google Assistant to its functions. The move is being seen by analysts as bringing Nest into more direct competition with the Amazon Echo range of home products, including Alexa.