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Advantech and Arkessa help IoT developers speed time to market

Steve Rogerson
August 24, 2017

Taiwanese embedded computing company Advantech has selected Arkessa secure global connectivity services to accelerate go-to-market for IoT customers.
The partnership should enables both companies to offer enhanced customer value and make it easier for them to roll-out international products and services in retail, transport, energy, industrial and enterprise markets.
UK firm Arkessa is an M2M managed services provider that connects devices and services to the IoT, regardless of location, network operator or wireless technology. Its managed services include multi-network cellular with first time connect capability (global roaming), international data plans with localised tariffs, secure enterprise integration and resilient mobile broadband, and eSIM and eUICC.
“Our larger customers, especially in the enterprise segment, seek premium connectivity services to be competitive in their markets,” said Tineke Bergen, industrial IoT marketing manager for Advantech in Europe. “The partnership looks very promising. With this partnership with Arkessa we deliver a one stop shop for IoT meeting market requirements and providing best-in-class customer service”.
Cloud-based business applications are being increasingly adopted by enterprises and this means fast, reliable and secure connectivity is a priority. The managed IoT connectivity services from Arkessa simplify access to global wireless networks and enable enterprises to control and manage this aspect of their products independently from the often complex vagaries of the telco and ICT sectors.
“We have seen a real acceleration in enterprise and OEM adoption of remote wireless access to help create digital twins of their physical assets to optimise commissioning, operation and maintenance of those systems,” said Andrew Orrock, Arkessa CEO. “While digital twins are not a new thing, advances in industrial IoT mean they’ve become truly accessible and cost-effective. The combination of the Advantech edge and cloud intelligence approach and secure managed remote connectivity enabled by Arkessa creates a compelling IoT for enterprise.”
By aggregating multiple global mobile networks and technologies – cellular (2G, 3G and 4G), satellite and the emerging LPWAN – into a single service and management platform, Arkessa lets IoT devices connect out-of-the-box and operate anywhere on the planet. This secure and future-proof service platform is easy to adopt, integrate and scale enabling enterprises and OEMs to optimise design, manufacturing and logistics and focus on revenue generating services.
Netzikon, a public German LoRaWan network operator and subsidiary of Telent, will use Arkessa's connectivity management, network roaming and localisation services such as eUICC to deliver digital services for the connection and networking of intelligent equipment units based on LoRaWan radio technology.