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Advantech IoT platforms based on Intel sixth generation processors

Steve Rogerson
February 17, 2016
Taiwanese company Advantech has announced platforms based on the sixth generation Intel Core processors (formerly known as Skylake) including industrial motherboards, slot single-board computers (SBCs), modular IPCs, industrial server boards and transportation platforms.
With enhanced CPU performance, media and graphics capabilities, and security and power efficiency, these platforms are for powering intelligent systems designed for markets, such as video surveillance, medical, industrial automation, gaming and transportation infrastructure.
“To penetrate the global IoT market, Advantech is committed to developing platforms based on Intel technology at every strategic point,” said Linda Tsai, associate vice president of Advantech’s intelligent systems group. “Advantech has built a comprehensive portfolio of innovative solutions, ranging from high performance industrial servers, edge computers and modular industrial computers, through to vertically focused transportation systems and intelligent video solutions.”
She said the company not only had strong design capabilities and industry-proven success, but also provided flexible and dynamic customisation (design-to-order) and local system integration (configure-to-order) services to cope with rapidly evolving technologies.
“The products launched today all serve as catalysts for converting massive volumes of data from numerous sources into value-added information,” she said.
Using sixth generation Intel Core i7 and i5 processors and the Intel Q170 chipset, Advantech has designed several industrial-grade boards (PCE-5129, PCE-5029, AIMB-785 and AIMB-705) in the Picmg 1.3 SBC and ATX form factors. Also based on a sixth generation i7 processor chipset are modular IPCs MIC-7500, AIIS-3400, AIIS-3410 and AIIS-5410 for the machine automation market.
"Intel has partnered with Advantech to develop a broad range of exciting products to build tomorrow's IoT devices today," said Samuel Cravatta, product line director for Intel’s IoT group. "The enhanced graphics and compute performance, power efficiency, and new features provided by sixth generation Intel Core processors are built into Advantech's latest products, and we are confident this cutting-edge line-up will enable their customers to build a wide range of solutions to meet any IoT application."
With the deployment of intelligent rolling stock systems, ITA-5231 and ITA-5831 were developed to enhance the performance of passenger information systems, media broadcasting and in-train surveillance applications while consuming less power.
Advantech has also incorporated an Intel Xeon E3-1200 v5 processor and Intel C236 chipsets into its Picmg 1.3 SBC, PCE-7129 and server-grade ASMB-585 and ASMB-785 motherboards. Equipped with an upgraded processor and DDR4 memory support, these devices can deliver increased computing efficiency for applications that require high-performance computing.
Regarding ASMB-785, the embedded quad LAN, onboard BMC connector, and IPMI-1000 (intelligent platform management interface) extension module provide out-of-band remote management, real-time and centralised management, and KVM over IP remote control functionalities along with user-friendly interfaces and utilities.
These boards and systems are equipped with multiple operating systems and support for software such as Advantech Susi Access and Wise Cloud.