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Internet of Displays range from 4D Systems gains smallest LCD

Steve Rogerson
November 16, 2017

Australia-based 4D Systems has added its smallest LCD yet to its Internet of Displays range. At 2.3cm and powered by the wifi-enabled ESP8266, it is suitable for miniature IoT projects.
The Internet of Displays is the company’s range of miniature colour displays with integrated wifi and a Micro SD and HDC slot.
The IoD-09 is a 2.3cm full colour, 80 x 160 pixel TFT LCD. It can display full colour images, animations and icons. The module comes in two variants: through-hole (IoD-09TH) and surface mount (IoD-09SM). The through-hole module is for hobbyists and prosumers, which can potentially be integrated quickly and easily into any product. The surface mount module is aimed at mass production.
The module is designed around the ESP8266 system-on-chip (SoC) from Espressif. It comes with 802.11 b/g/e/I support as well as WPA, WPA2, WEP, TKIP, AES, STA, AP, STA+AP and P2P operational mode support.
There are six GPIOs available allowing digital input and output as well as various communications protocols. Available interfaces include SPI, I2C, uart and one-wire communications.
A Micro SD slot allows the use of off-the-shelf high capacity memory cards from 4Gbyte to a maximum of 32Gbyte. Fat 16 and 32 file accesses are supported. The module also comes with 4Mbit of flash memory for user application code and data, as well as 128kbit of SRAM, with 80kbit available for the user.
The unit should be powered from a 4.0 to 5.5V source with +1A current capability for display stability.
It can be programmed with the 4D Systems Workshop4 integrated development environment (IDE) or through the Arduino IDE. Workshop4 provides graphics using the GFXdloIoD09 graphics library specifically for the IoD-09 series through a drag-and-drop style graphical user interface.
The graphics library can be downloaded from the 4D Systems github repository, which also comes with source demo applications. Workshop4 is available for free download from the 4D Systems web site. Workshop4 Pro features require a one-time licence of US$79 that can be purchased from 4D Systems.
The IoD-09 starter kit, which is also available on 4D Systems’ web site, comes with an IoD display module, 4D-UPA programmer and a 4Gbyte Micro SD card. First time buyers are recommended to purchase the starter kit, which provides all the hardware to get up and running.
With headquarters in Sydney, Australia, and regional offices in Austria and the Philippines, 4D Systems designs and manufactures compact intelligent display modules using OLED and LCD technology with embedded custom graphics processors that deliver stand-alone functionality to various applications and speed time-to-market on product development.?