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AT&T and IBM help companies unlock value from IoT data
AT&T and IBM have unveiled a way for companies to unlock more value from their data in a simpler way, using AT&T's IoT analytics and the IBM Cloud.
IBM introduces enterprise ready blockchain service
IBM launches enterprise-ready blockchain service based on the Linux Foundation's Hyperledger Fabric version 1.0. The service lets developers build and host security-rich production blockchain networks on the IBM Cloud
IoT network debate hits floor of Embedded World, but…

The debate about which wireless technology will end up being dominant in the IoT market reached the floors of last week’s Embedded World show in Nuremberg, with most predicting no overall winner in the short term.
…security tops IoT concerns at the Nuremberg show

The notion of security has to change with the dawn of the IoT, according to Ray Upton, vice president for connected microcontrollers at Texas Instruments, speaking at last week’s Embedded World show in Nuremberg.
RFPs for IoT software platforms developed via open source
The IoT M2M Council – the largest trade group serving the technology sector, with 20,000 IoT buyers as members – is developing a library of RFPs for the IoT to assist its membership with procurement.
Intel provides virtualisation for industrial IoT

At Embedded World, Intel subsidiary Wind River said it was advancing industrial IoT with a software virtualisation platform enabling critical infrastructure companies to evolve aging legacy control systems not previously designed to support the IoT.
Panasonic and Element14 launch IoT research project

Panasonic and distributor Element14 have launched an IoT research project using an infra-red array sensor for people detection applications.
Laird LoRa gateway suits enterprises

Laird has release an IoT low-power, long-range LoRa gateway so enterprises can deploy IoT networks in practically any geographic location, even where traditional communications infrastructure is unavailable.
U-Blox joins IMC and launches wifi modules at Embedded World

Swiss module maker U-Blox has joined the IoT M2M Council (IMC) and last week at Embedded World launched two wifi modules for various IoT and industrial markets.
NXP framework eases IoT development
NXP Semiconductors announced at last week’s Embedded World the Modular IoT Framework that is said to provide professional development teams a head start in building secure IoT applications.
Case study: How IoT is keeping slopes safer for skiers

The ski season will soon be coming to a close and winter sports fans are taking to the slopes to make the most of what remains of the snow. Behind the scenes, IoT technology is helping to make the season safer for all concerned.
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