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Steve Hilton
Steve Hilton
Enterprise and Small Enterprise Programme, Analysys Mason Research


Sam Lucero
Sam Lucero (Moderator)
M2M Practice Director, ABI Research

Robin Duke-Woolley
Robin Duke-Woolley 
CEO, Beecham Research

Jared Bazzy
Jared Bazzy 
Executive Editor, M2M Zone

M2M SeminarM2M: Smart and Affordable Investments for Transport, Tracking, & Telemetry

International CTIA Wireless 2010

M2M Seminar at CTIA Wireless 2010
Wednesday March 24, 2010
11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Room N259

Seminar Presentations can be viewed by clicking on session titles below.

Presented by M2M Zone Organized by Telecommunications Media Group

11:00-11:15 AM - Introduction - The Internationalisation of M2M Solutions

Presented by:

Steve Hilton, Enterprise and Small Enterprise Programme, Analysys Mason Research

As vendors and service providers continue to compress the M2M supply chain with partnerships and acquisitions, they must focus on simplifying the purchasing, implementation and support of enterprises' multi-national M2M needs - everything from device certification, applications development, applications integration, to tariffs, sales, marketing. As the multi-national M2M market continues to grow, enterprises can't settle for country-specific solutions. Some service providers are positioning themselves for these multi-national solutions, while others have lagged.

11:20-12:30 PM - Smart Energy: The Push to Deploy Smart Meters, Home Area Networks, and the Smart Grid

Moderated by:

Sam Lucero, M2M Practice Director, ABI Research


Rita Mix, Sr. Marketing & Offer Manager, Utilities, AT&T
Benno Ritter, Vice President of Marketing and Business, ZigBee Alliance
Joseph Choghi, Contributor, IEEE P1901 (BPL) Working Group

Despite the tremendous amount of recent focus and excitement, numerous complex questions and challenges remain concerning the drive to deploy smart meters, HANs, and related smart grid technologies by utilities across the country. From funding to technology, from the U.S. Government to end users, every piece plays an important part in this national infrastructure puzzle. Be ready to jump in the conversation as Sam Lucero, practice director for M2M Connectivity at ABI Research leads our experts in an exciting discussion about regulations, the power grid, cyber security, standardization and technology choices. Topics covered include:

  • The role of government regulatory and legislative initiatives in driving the smart grid at the federal and state levels
  • The impact of the ARRA stimulus funds
  • Cyber Security: How will the smart grid be protected?
  • The intersection of smart meters and distribution automation (DA) in the smart grid
  • How will distributed generation and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) impact the smart grid?
  • The rapidly evolving vendor landscape for home energy management systems
  • Buy or Build? The issues impacting the utility’s choice to deploy its own smart grid infrastructure or to rely on public telecom networks
  • Alphabet Soup: How is the smart grid standards landscape evolving as a result of NIST?
  • The global smart grid: How does the US compare with other regions of the world?

1:15-2:25 PM: Connectivity for Network Devices, Mobile Transactions & Location Based Services

Moderated by:

Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO, Beecham Research


Alex Brisbourne, President, KORE Telematics
Göran Brandt, VP of Business Development, Telenor Connexion
Mike Ueland, Vice-President & General Manager, Telit Wireless Solutions
Alain Nicolle, Director of Sales – North America, Skywave Mobile Communications

Now more than ever before, automotive dashboards and personal communication devices interact with networks to send and receive location-aware data for transport, supply chain, and for consumer applications. In addition to an explosion in Personal Navigation Devices (PND) and services to support or enhance them, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and Pay-as-you-go-Driving are growing more common for insurance providers and fleet managers. With our panel of experts, we will explore:

  • Consumer Automotive LBS and smart cars
  • Fleet Management, Vehicle & Asset Tracking
  • Wireless network coverage, access and bandwidth allocation
  • Device Customization and Certification – OEM & After Market
  • Techniques with GPS, assisted GPS; mapping technologies
  • Subscriber and Device Management and Payment Assurance
  • Mobile internet, advertising and commerce

2:35-3:45 PM - M2M Enabled Supply Chains & Networked Device Management

Moderated by:

Jared Bazzy, Executive Editor, M2M Zone


Heetor Wald, CTO & Product Engineering Director, FreightWatch Security Net
Ken Connor, Director of Sales, Quake Global
Michael Campbell, CEO, Sensorlogic
Jeffrey O. Smith, Ph.D., Chairman, Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) TR-50 Smart Device Communications Engineering Committee

In many ways, innovators of Supply Chain Automation and long-haul Transportation giants have practiced M2M for decades. As additional spectrum becomes available across cellular networks, and devices embedded with RFID, Zigbee, or Integrated GPS become more affordable, service providers, including MVNOs, can extend cost-saving measures for international distribution and service deployment.

This session's panelists will be taking questions from the audience as they discuss topics such as:

  • Fleet, asset and cargo tracking – exploring advances, setbacks and technological configurations in vertical markets such as: Gas and oil, consumer goods, agriculture and produce, pharmaceuticals and medical
  • Technology breakdown, compare and contrast: GPS, Assisted GPS, WiMAX, RFID, ZigbEE
  • Payment Assurance and billing techniques
  • Security: How to protect assets from contamination, environmental disaster and thievery
  • How can cloud computing hold the chain together?

*Content subject to change

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