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M2M Seminar

M2M: Walled Garden or Open Range?

M2M Zone and Telecommunications hosted this day-long, interactive seminar at CTIA WIRELESS I.T. & Entertainment on September 11, 2008, on the future of M2M wireless communications with service providers, applications developers, and leading Vertical industry users of M2M. The seminar sessions were moderated by ABI Research and the Yankee Group and featured presentations by industry professionals and open panelist discussions. Presentations can now be downloaded.

Seminar Signature Sponsor: Wavecomm

Seminar Session Sponsors: Cinterion

Motorola Sensor Logic

As consumers, business and industry awaken to the power of automated ubiquitous telecom services, cellular M2M companies find themselves on the threshold of a new era.

Join M2M Zone and Telecommunications for a day-long, interactive seminar on the future of M2M wireless communications with service providers, applications developers, and leading Vertical industry users of M2M.

Within five years, according to some estimates, more than 50% of connection points to the Internet will originate from devices other than a traditional PC. This new understanding of the Internet of Things, coupled with new wireless carrier strategies to open greater access to Mobile Internet, creates enormous opportunity for use of M2M communications.  Nevertheless, M2M players still face considerable challenges.

Is the future of M2M in essence the future of Mobile Internet? What are the advantages and disadvantages of leveraging Mobile Internet in comparison with an updated version of the MVNO model?  Are there other connectivity solutions that utilize wireless networks for customizable services?

What are the various technical components behind an M2M service? Of the products and services offered by today’s M2M vendors, how do the technical solutions differ when compared across vertical industry solutions? What industries are ahead of the curve in M2M adoption, which are taking their first steps, and which are missing out on business process improvement?

How do M2M services differ for large companies versus small companies? What is the governmental and regulatory attitude toward M2M? How do these issues differ for companies that operate in distinct geographic regions compared with multinational or global companies? How are service providers preparing to address the growth of these services?

10:30 am - 10:40 am


10:45 am -11:00 am


Sean Buckley, Editor in Chief, Telecommunications
Marcus Torchia, Senior Analyst, M2M, Yankee Group

11:00 am - 12:15 pm

Building M2M Business for the Home

PDF Download - Right Click to Save

Moderator: Yankee Group - Marcus Torchia, Senior Analyst, M2M 
Cinterion Wireless Modules - Peter Fowler - CEO, North America
Speaker: Kore Telematics - Alex Brisbourne, President  & COO
SensorLogic - Greg Jones, VP Marketing & Business Development

Wireless broadband creates Greenfield opportunities for M2M operators to compete in home-based M2M services.  But M2M operators face stiff competition to become key players. In this session, we discuss the core business opportunities and challenges, strategic partnerships, and key enablers that support the winning game plan to dominate this mega-market.

In this discussion, we'll ask what these opportunities could mean for equipment manufacturers of home goods, consumer electronics, and utility meters. We’ll explore the impact on service-oriented industries such as Security and Energy. And we’ll ask what level of demand these new trends will place on Systems integrators.

Session Sponsors: Cinterion

12:30 pm - 1:45 pm

Surveying Prospects in the M2M Landscape

PDF Download - Right Click to Save

Today’s cellular networks were created to address the needs of consumers and businesses for wireless voice and data communications.  Companies developing applications for the cellular M2M market have fundamentally different needs and requirements, in such areas as application development, provisioning, roaming, need for bandwidth, and cost model. 

How are cellular M2M vendors and service providers evolving their offerings to meet these specialized needs?  What are the trends in the market for application development platforms, embedded modules, embedded SIMs, service provider control platforms, bandwidth, and roaming capabilities?

Moderator: ABI Research - Sam Lucero, Sr. Analyst M2M Connectivity
Aeris - Chris Purpura, VP of Marketing
Motorola M2M Wireless Modules - Dennis Kelly, Director of Sales, North American Region
Wavecom - Jamie Garroch, Director, Corporate Communications

Session Sponsors: Wavecomm

1:55 pm - 3:10 pm 

Service Delivery Models for Global M2M Networks

As wireless operators open up their networks to third-party application developers, will that help further growth of M2M applications? What are the implications for technologists in Vertical industries that wish to take advantage of ubiquitous wireless applications to automate process and save money? What should they know about today’s M2M marketplace before investing? What are the options for multi-national organizations?

How do these issues affect product and service development within the M2M industry? What standards will emerge to facilitate application development? We’ll cite real-world examples from industrial leaders, commercial adopters, and innovators who leverage M2M services for their daily operations.

Moderator: Telecommunications - Sean Buckley, Editor in Chief
Speaker: Verizon Wireless - Tony Lewis, Vice President Open Development
Yankee Group - Marcus Torchia, Sr Analsy
Extended Q&A

This seminar is hosted by Marcus Torchia of the Yankee Group and featured presentations by industry professionals and open panelist discussions.

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