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Google launches direct competitor to Amazon Echo

At last week’s annual developer conference in California, Google made a further step into the smart home market with Google Home, seen by many as a direct competitor to Amazon Echo.

SK Telecom to deploy LoRa network across South Korea

Samsung Electronics is to deploy a commercial IoT-dedicated LoRa network nationwide across South Korea for SK Telecom. The network will use the 900MHz frequency band.

Disney connects paper to the IoT

Disney has created a way to give a piece of paper sensing capabilities that allow it to respond to gesture commands. The method relies on small RFID tags that are stuck on, printed or drawn onto the paper to create interactive, lightweight interfaces.

IMC seeks industry executives for leadership committee

The IoT M2M Council is looking for industry executives of high standing for seats on a steering and advisory committee of OEMs, enterprise users and applications developers that deploy IoT services in the field.

Iridium service cures security flaws in GPS

Iridium Communications has introduced an alternative or companion to traditional location-based technologies that gives users access to accurate and resilient position, navigation and timing technology that works anywhere on the planet, even indoors.




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